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Casting Spells

On this page, you can read the seven steps of casting a spell as well as the first three for each of the elemental-specific and phase-specific spells in the book Magical Wands - A Cornucopia of Wand Lore:

Casting Magic Spells

Casting spells is done by the mage, not the wand. The witch or wizard uses the wand to strengthen, focus, and aim the spell that the mage is casting. Casting a spell consists of the following seven steps occurring in the following order:

  1. Gather Quintessence – The mage mentally travels up through the spiritual plane of existence and on into the astral plane of existence where he gathers sufficient raw Quintessence to create the magic spell.
  2. Weave the Spell – Speaking the incantation and clearly envisioning the spell’s desired effect, the mage mentally concentrates the particles of raw Quintessence he gathered into golden threads of magic and weaves them together to form the magic spell. Forcefully speaking the spell’s incantation helps the mage focus and thereby more easily and completely visualize the spell’s intended result. With sufficient practice, a mage may eventually reach the point where he does not need to speak the incantation out loud. However, it still greatly helps if he at least silently says the incantation within his mind. This ability to cast silent spells is a very important skill as it enables the mage to secretly cast spells in front of mundanes. It is also a useful ability during fights or duels for it makes it harder for one’s adversary to recognize and block magical attacks.
  3. Aim the Spell – The mage points the wand at the target of the spell. This step is often performed simultaneously with the previous step.
  4. Mentally Cast the Spell – Using force of will, the mage mentally propels the magic spell along the nerves running down from his brain through his neck, shoulder, arm, and hand, and on into the wand’s handle.
  5. Strengthen and Focus the Spell – The part of the magical creature stored in the wand’s core and the magical wood comprising the wand’s handle and shaft strengthen the magic spell as it flows through the wand. The mystical crystals and metals, if any, focus the spell into a tighter beam.
  6. Flight of the Spell – The spell leaves the wand’s tip and flies towards the subject of the spell in the form of a beam of pure Quintessence, the width of which depends on how well the mage and wand have focused the spell. The speed of the spell is for all practical purposes infinite for it appears to reach the subject instantaneously.
  7. Arrival of the Spell – All, some, or none of the spell strikes the subject of the spell depending on how well it has been aimed, how much it has been focused, and whether it has been completely or partially blocked by a counter spell. The spell takes effect in direct proportion to the amount of Quintessence that strikes the subject.

The mage performs the first four of these steps, while the wand automatically performs step five and the spell automatically performs the steps six and seven. The steps performed by the mage become easier with practice and three eventually become so automatic over time that they do not require conscious effort.

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Elemental Spells

The following is a very small sample of the 108 elemental-specific spells found in the book Magical Wands - A Cornucopia of Wand Lore:

(English Name)
Desired ResultElemental
Adepto magicae a astral plano
(gather magic)
gathers Quintessence from the astral plane of existenceQuintessence
Aperire porta
(open portal)
opens the existing portal between Earth and Faerie that is the subject of the spellQuintessence
(enchant object)
enchants a new wand, amulet, charm, or staff with QuintessenceQuintessence
Accio [object]
causes the identified object to fly to the mage casting the spellAir
Augendae audientes
(enhance hearing)
greatly enhances the hearing of the subject of the spellAir
Augendae conspectu
(enhance sight)
greatly enhances the vision of the subject of the spell to see things that are far awayAir
Aufero fumus
(make smoke disappear)
causes any smoke that is the subject of the spell to instantly dissipateFire
Causare volcanus eruptio
(cause eruption)
causes the volcano that is the subject of the spell to erupt (This spell requires an extreme amount of Quintessence.)Fire
Creare ardens flores
(create fireworks)
causes fireworks of the desired color to shoot from the end of the wandFire
Causare spelunca collapse
(cause cave-in)
causes a cave-in to occur at the position where the wand is pointedEarth
Causa terraemotus
(cause earthquake)
causes an earthquake to occur (requires an extremely large amount of Quintessence)Earth
Communicare cum animalia terrestria
(communicate with terrestrial creatures)
enables the mage casting the spell to communicate with the terrestrial creatures (such as mammals and reptiles)Earth
Communicare cum aquatilia
(communicate with aquatic creatures)
enables the subject of the spell to communicate with sea creaturesWater
Creare aqua
(create water)
causes water to flow from the end of the wand at the desired rateWater
Creare grandinis
(create hail)
causes it to hail in proportion to the strength of the spellWater

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Phase Spells

The following is a very small sample of the 142 phase-specific spells found in the book Magical Wands - A Cornucopia of Wand Lore:

(English Name)
Desired ResultPhase
Amplio concentratio
(improve concentration)
improves the concentration and focus of the subject of the spellLight
Annuntiate adiutorium
(summon help)
summons help from all nearby good people and magical beingsLight
Aufer iram
(remove anger)
eliminates or lessens the anger of the subject of the spellLight
Alligabunt in catenas
(bind in chains)
causes the subject of the spell to be bound in chainsTwilight
causes the desired object to appear in the desired locationTwilight
(double in number)
causes the subject of the spell to be duplicated so that there are two identical versions of the subjectTwilight
(knock down)
knocks down the subject of the spellDark
Arcessentes daemonium
(summon daemon)
causes the nearest daemon of the type desired by the mage to appear at the spot indicated by the wandDark
Arcessentes malus spiritus
(summon evil spirit)
causes the nearest evil spirit of the type desired by the mage to appear at the spot indicated by the wandDark

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