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Here is praise I have received from previous customers:


“Got the wand today. It’s beautiful! ... You did a fabulous job. ... My grandaughter will love it. ... I think she will treasure it for a long time. ... Thank you again so very much!”

“I have been looking for the right wand for YEARS, and when I saw this one I knew it was the one! Simple, beautiful, elegant, and handcrafted with much love and care - this wand has the best energy! The quality of the crystals and the wood is top notch, and this seller was a joy to work with. Would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking for a beautiful sacred tool! <3”

“Thank you! I LIKE your beautiful work!”
      Irena and Andrey

“I recently purchased two wands for my nephews who recently starting reading the Harry Potter series. The wands were of very high quality and design, and my nephews loved them as well as the velvet bags that they arrived in. They have been casting spells for weeks and keep telling everyone that they got their wands at Ollivanders in Diagon Alley.”

“This wand was purchased as a gift for a friend. Very unique wand that is crafted with care and skill. Wonderful communication with the seller, items were packaged with care and arrived quickly. Thank you.”

“I received a wand in order to EXPERIENCE the enchanted, which can never be possible by reading/watching any fantasy book/movie. The wand is beautiful, and it has semi-precious stones fixed on both of its ends. It is no ordinary plastic/toy wand, but has been CARVED BY HAND from wand making trees like maple. Its shape is perfect and gives me a pleasure equal to that of casting a spell.”

“Very nice wand, well-crafted. Lovely!”

“Love my wand. Fast shipping.”

“Beautiful design and craftsmanship. Pleasing to the eye, and to the touch. Thanks!”

The fire opal/moonstone wand is perfect :-)

Wand Lore Book

“This book was purchased as a gift along with a wand as a gift for a friend. The book appears to be an interesting read. The items arrived quickly, packaged with care and the communication with the seller was spot on. Thank you.”

“This book is a MUST-HAVE for all Harry Potter fans, or even any fantasy fan. You can even practice spells or LIVE/EXPERIENCE the fantasy you would have just imagined of magic, with the help of the author-made wands and this AMAZING BOOK!”

“This is an amazing book! I can't put it down ☺”