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Wands that are sold or are not for sale

The following wands have either been sold or are otherwise not for sale. However, if you see one you especially like, you can always commission me to make one similar to it. For example, I can craft a wand from the same materials and having a similar shape, but it will never be exactly the same. After all, each witch and wizard is a unique and deserves a wand that is unique to them. This is why I never craft two identical wands.

Select a wand box or picture below to learn more about that specific wand.

Wand-002 Wand-002
Wand-005 Wand-005
Wand-007 Wand-007
Wand-008 Wand-008
Wand-012 Wand-012
Wand-015 Wand-015
Wand-017 Wand-017
Wand-019 Wand-019
Wand-020 Wand-020
Wand-032 Wand-032
Wand-033 Wand-033
Wand-034 Wand-034
Wand-035 Wand-035
Wand-036 Wand-036
Wand-037 Wand-037
Wand-038 Wand-038
Wand-039 Wand-039
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